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Vanilla Ice says Eminem would be idiot to deny his influence over him




Vanilla Ice has recently sat down with VLAD TV where he talked about many topics, including his little back and forth with Eminem in the past.

“I don’t have any comment about Eminem. It’s the funniest thing ever, like, I’m supposed to have one. And the only reason that people want me to have an opinion about Eminem is because he’s white. And it’s really weird. I look at him and I do not see the white. I see there’s a rapper. And there is Coolio, a rapper, there is Jay-Z a rapper. There’s Drake a rapper. There’s Future a rapper. There is Kodak a rapper. I don’t have any opinions and comments that would be entertaining to people about Eminem.” Vanilla Ice said.

Then he continued: “Yeah, I took a shot at him. I said, Eminem stands for mini me. That’s not even a diss. I rapped ‘Millions of Dollars I been spendin’ ’em / I love rap, I paved the way for Eminem’ and it’s true too, isn’t it? He’d look like an idiot if he denies my influence. You know that! C’mon! The obvious is the obvious. I don’t think he ever would. I don’t think he ever dissed me. I don’t think there is any reason for him to think it would benefit him in any way because he’d get a backlash of half a billion fans that I have around the world.”

“I offered Eminem a boxing match and I’ll do it again. Naah, it’s all entertainment. I don’t have any problems with Eminem. I don’t give a s–t to be honest. I don’t really know enough to comment. I wish him all the best. I wish I had a comment cause people want it. I get the Eminem question and I’m like, ‘what can I say to entertain these people?!’ I don’t listen to Eminem to give you any comments to really listen or watch the videos.” Vanilla Ice added.

You can watch the interview below: