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Jonathan Ross recalls awkward moment when Eminem visited his house




Jonathan Ross has recently recalled the moment when Eminem visited him at his house during the latest episode of Real Talk With Honey & Jonathan Ross.

“When Eminem come around the house, I showed him the house and then I showed him the laundry room and I said to myself ‘why did you show him laundry room?!'” said Jonathan Ross.

Then he continued: “And then he came into laundry room, followed by his minder, who followed him around the house. Very sweet guy. They both came in and I said this is where we wash. This is a special cabinet for drying. The bouncer guy was like ‘you dry stuff in there?’ I said ‘yeah, yeah.’ He said ‘hmm, cool.'”

“He had never had a Cherry diet coke before. And Eminem was so polite. Every time he came in the room, he asked if he could sit down. ‘Can I sit down?’ Of course you can sit down, you are a guest.” Jonathan added.

Eminem previously visited Jonathan Ross at his Friday Night show two times before, first it was in 2009, when he was promoting Relapse album and in 2010, when Slim Shady dropped Recovery album.