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New Song: Ez Mil – “Realest,” ft. Eminem




Ez Mil has released his first single under Shady Records, titled “Realest,” featuring Eminem, produced by Ez Mil and Slim Shady himself, off DU4LI7Y: REDUX (Deluxe) album.

In the song, Eminem finally responds to Melle Mel, who recently claimed that Eminem is considered top 5 rapper of all time only because he is white:

“Guess I’ve really no right to complain much (Nah)
Hip-hop has been good to me, huh? (Well)
But when they say that I’m only top five
‘Cause I’m white, why would I be stunned? (Huh)
My skin color still workin’ against me (What?)
‘Cause second I should be to none (Ha)
Being white ain’t why they put me at five (Nope)
It’s why they can’t put me at one (Woo)”

“Shout to the Furious Five and Grandmaster Flash, but, boy (Whaddup, though?)
This someone who really is furious, stay out his path, his wrath, avoid
And I’ll be the last to toy with, this juice-head, his brain is like half destroyed
Like a meteor hit it
Well, there went Melle Mel, we lost his a– to ‘roids (Damn)”

Ez Mil also references Eminem twice in his second verse.

“I done got hit on the head, barely survived that shit (Okay)
Minus a nine from ten, Eminem‘s spot still sits
But f-ck a position, I’m tunin’ him in
Let all you rock out with it, I ain’t ever gonna be an opt-out mission
Get the Glock out with it, get to poppin’, dip out and smoke
With the homies we mobbin’, while I’m cleanin’ the stash of my calibers
Some of them might got ya’ name on ’em
Wanna brag about shit that could happen
I am the reason that they got a chain on ’em
When I rap, they consider me a Gatling
Fillin’ up mags, I’m finna go clapping
Get in that bag with a gold B rabbit, I know they hate this flow”

You can listen to the song below (It’s only available in the selected countries yet).

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