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Westside Boogie

Westside Boogie performs new single “Stuck,” featuring his alter egos Ratchet Boog & Superblood Boog on COLORS




After dropping “Aight,” featuring Shelley fka DRAM, the first single from his second Shady Records upcoming album, Westside Boogie announced that his new album will be titled “More Black Superheroes.”

Today, Boogie is back with another single “Stuck,” which features his two alter egos: Anthony and Superblood Boog.

“Told Superblood Boog and Ratchet Boog to stay home but they came with me to Colors Studio. I only wanted to bring Anthony.” said the Compton rapper on Instagram and shared the live performance of the new single from Colors Studio.

You can watch the performance below:

Music video premiers in 10 hours from this moment: