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Research: Eminem & Drake are among most dangerous online searches



When we surf in the net, we are one click away from cyberattacks where there are unwelcome attempts to steal, publish, modify, disable, or destroy information through unauthorized access to our computer systems.

Hackers use keywords which they know receive a lot of traffic and interest as they will reach more people in attempts to lure internet users into visiting web pages or clicking download links that contain malicious software or malware that can result in any or all of these unwelcome actions.

Now Surfshark has done a research on pop culture search terms, from celebrities to TV shows and from music to sports, and found out the most dangerous words to search online.

If you are looking for Eminem’s music, perhaps you should be careful which pages you visit as almost half of the search results for the Detroit legend contained potential malware.

Billie Eilish” had the most potential malware at 47.1%, “The Weeknd” came in second (43%) and then “Eminem” (42.3%) are the terms that could pose a threat. For the full statistics, check the table below: