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Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre teases something big related to Eminem




Dr. Dre rarely posts on social media but when he does, we expect something special to happen.

After sharing Super Bowl Halftime show trailer, Dre posted Eminem’s fast verse of “Godzilla” with the caption: “Marshall Mathers vs Who???!!” This is the same video Eminem posted two years ago when he started “Godzilla Challenge.”

Dr. Dre’s post was shared by Fredwreck on his story with the same caption. Later, the same video appeared on d.a. got that dope’s story, who is one of the the producers of “Godzilla.”

In the Super Bowl advertisement trailer, Eminem and his alter ago Slim Shady are trading/shooting bars/words at each other. The trailer and Dr. Dre’s recent post have the same essence: EMINEM VS SLIM SHADY. So, here comes three theories:

1. Eminem is going to do a Verzuz against Slim Shady cause he sees himself the only competition.

2. Eminem is dropping an album where Marshall and Slim Shady will have a war.

3. This is just a Super Bowl promotion and nothing else.

Check Dr. Dre’s post below and tell us what you think in the comment sections of our social media accounts!


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