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Westside Boogie confirms new album is done, talks Kendrick Lamar comparisons & more




Shady Records’ Westside Boogie has recently set down with HotNewHipHop for an exclusive interview where the Compton rapper revealed that his long-awaited new album, the follow-up of “Everythings For Sale” is around the corner.

Boogie also talked about plans for collaboration album with Smino, why signing to Eminem was the right choice, relationship with GRIP and much more. You can check out the interview below!

On his new album

I think Everythings For Sale was so good, I just want to make sure…Yeah, I’m a perfectionist. I know everybody like, over-uses that word, but I really am a perfectionist. And I won’t put it out unless I believe in it all the way, now I’m finally at a space to where I’m really focused on figuring out paperwork and stuff out now, so now I’m just trolling people at this point. But yeah album done, I’m ready to drop this one and drop another one. I’m just grateful that my fans still waited this long, cause I’d be pissed.

“New album is dropping in the first quarter of 2022” – Westside Boogie

On GRIP, Dreamville, TDE and comparison with Kendrick Lamar 

When I saw GRIP signed to Shady, I reached out. Well, he might have reached out first on Instagram. But then I told him, hit me when he was in LA, I just want to make sure we connect, ‘cause Shady Records you know what I’m saying, we’ve got TDE and Dreamvilles running around like they the biggest gangs in America.

I’m cool when they put me in a box with them like, okay, the three, my three favorite rappers, but it’s when they start comparing me to Kendrick. That’s the one, like that’s my favorite rapper too, but it’s also, I’m competitive. So it’s like I think it’d be… sometimes I know the story is similar, we both from Compton, both rap good, but it’s like oh it’s like the same thing and it’s just like lazy listeners…

On Eminem

“I think it was Paul Rosenberg who heard my music first. He just played stuff for Eminem, and what was dope about first meeting Eminem is he didn’t know like, I mean, he knew ‘em, but he wasn’t talking to me about my bigger songs, he was talking to me about the album cuts and the ins and outs of flows that I didn’t think he would know. And that’s what made me trust him because I knew he coming to me because he really f*ck with my music.

On joint album with Smino

Me and Smino have been talking about this project for probably a year. It’s just timing and getting into a studio. We got some records together. Smino’s on my album, I probably shouldn’t say that, but that’s my boy.

For the full interview, hit HotNewHipHop here.