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Jacob Elordi says he learned American accent by listening Eminem




About a month ago, Jacob Elordi was at Jimmy Kimmel’s show where he talked to guest host Julie Bowen about having a crush on her, learning how to do an American accent by listening to Eminem, spending time in Australia during the beginning of the pandemic with his parents, growing a mullet and his girlfriend cutting it off, “Euphoria” season 2 coming out and using stunt penis’, and The Kissing Booth 3 on Netflix.

“When I was younger and I decided to be an actor and there was not way I come here and not be able to do the accent and I listened to a lots of Eminem. I was like enormous Eminem fan.” – said Jacob.

Then Julie asks him to do a few lines of “Lose Yourself” and the the start rapping the chorus of an iconic rap song.

You can watch it below: