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Comedian Josh Pray to MGK: “Eminem let you continue. Eminem could’ve buried you, don’t mess with Slipknot”




Comedian Josh Pray has recently uploaded a video warning Machine Gun Kelly not to mess with legendary metal rock band Slipknot’s incessantly loyal fanbase.

While giving some emotional advices, Josh also mentioned Eminem:

“Slipknot do not have just fans, they have brotherhood! Heavy metal fans are not like rap fans! They ain’t go online and listen to a rap beef, they ain’t gonna listen to lyrics, they ain’t gonna tweet about it, they are going to come on every show you perform and they gonna mosh pit the s**t out of you… Eminem let you continue . Eminem could have buried you, homie. He could have stood over you and said bunch of more Marshall Mathers type stuff. HE LET YOU. And now you want to mess with this FAMILY?!”

You can watch the video below: