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GRIP describes how he linked up with Eminem




GRIP has recently set down on Twenty infinity for an exclusive interview where the rising Atlanta rapper talked about first time meeting Eminem.

“Right now it’s a partnership with Shady Records. Straight Society, which is my s**t and Shady, they are being distributed through Shady Records. This was like last year we got approached by Paul Rosenberg. He had heard the music through the homie Mike. And he was just like yo, played it for Em and Em is just like who is this who the f**k is this. Let’s go down see what is up. I talked to him a few times and you know all the legal s**t, that s**t takes long time. We started working on a new album and was just like f**k it we gonna just keep working until everything figures itself out. Pretty much wrapped the album up and everything came and signed a deal. Met Eminem, cool motherf**ker. It was cool man.”

“We went to Detroit, met Royce Da 5’9″ first, cool motherf**ker, GOAT. Then f**kin met Eminem, I was like oh s**t. They called him Marshall and s**t. So played him the album and he was f**kin with it. It was an epic moment for me but it was still just like another day. It was like a full circle moment. Like I was literally remember listening to Eminem in the walkman. Studying his cadences and his wordplay and s**t. Never imagined it.”

Later, the host also asked if there is a song with Eminem on his upcoming project. Here is what GRIP replied: “We all can expect some s**t [laughs]. Hopefully, I do not know.”

Watch the interview below: