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LeBron James puts Eminem song on his Instagram for motivation




A viral diss by legendary basketball player LeBron James against the city of Orlando, Florida, drew responses Saturday from the city’s mayor and from the NBA’s Orlando Magic.

“You gotta understand anytime I hear ‘Orlando’ right now, I get PTSD,” James said on the HBO show “The Shop: Uninterrupted,” referring to his three months last summer in the NBA bubble at the Disney Wide World of Sports complex necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic.

He joked that having been in the bubble is the reason he hasn’t taken his young daughter to Disney World yet – and he also addressed whether he would ever play for the Magic.

“They have no chance” of getting him in a trade, James said. “I’ll just retire. It’s over with. ‘LeBron’s been traded to Orlando.’ ‘LeBron lives in Malibu,’” he joked.

The viral clip was tweeted out by the show with a message that read: “Sorry, Orlando… it’s nothing personal,” along with a laughing emoji and a crown.

The Orlando Magic’s official account responded kiddingly to the tweet with a meme of Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan in an interview for the documentary “The Last Dance,” saying, ” …and I took that personally.”

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, however, tweeted more seriously that he was certain James hadn’t experienced the “other half of Orlando during your time in the bubble last summer.”

Dyer invited James to lunch the next time he visits the area. “You’ll see that our community is diverse, inclusive and vibrant,” the mayor added.

After few hours, Eminem’s “Soldier” was playing on LeBron James’ Instagram story. Check it out below: