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Treach says he will never put out solo album if Eminem doesn’t get involved




Treach from legendary hip-hop group Naughty By Nature has recently set down with Superstartvonline where the iconic rapper talked about his solo debut album:

“When Em says he started rap because of me, that feels amazing. When you have one of the hottest to ever do it and he gives you props, it’s amazing. I call him my light-skinned brother. Nobody can never say he came out cause he white boy, wrote for white folks and stuff, no, no, no. No here is what I’mma tell. My bro-bro been calling me out and giving me props for a while.”

“Never in my career I did a solo album. but I got catalogs for years. I want to release it but I ain’t gonna release it to nobody unless Eminem puts it out. He been calling me out now I’m calling him out. Never, ever I attempted to do a solo album. And the only one who I trust with labels and all that, it’s Eminem and if he wants the offer he got it, if he don’t I will never hit the solo album. It will also be first time you hear me and him on records cause you know Em gonna be all on the album.” says Treach

Watch it below: