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Legendary Treach talks how much Eminem means for hip-hop culture & why he’s in debt to him




Legendary Treach, the lead rapper of the iconic hip hop group Naughty by Nature, has recently sat down with Andrew Moffatt on Hip Hop XXIV where the two talked about Naughty by Nature Verzuz, Tupac Shakur, Biggie and much more.

During the interview, Andrew asked the legendary rapper about Eminem, on which he replied: “I tell everybody that Eminem is my light-skinned twin Slim Shady! Hats off to him. He’s one of the greatest of all times if we talk about GOATs, his lyrical prowess, his consistency throughout the years, no matter what he has been going though personally, he always comes out on top. Comes out and give that music. Supplies the fans with that real live musical dope. It’s no-one like him and it’s not going to be no-one like him ever. Might never been another one who could do them lyrics and put them songs out. Hats off always and I hope he never stops. The way I was inspirational for him he’s inspirational to me. When I hear him I go and star t writing all over again.” says Treach.

Then he continues: “Hip-hop was black men’s sport in the white men’s world. That’s why Eminem was getting so much flat. He was white until he opened his mouth. And the skills took over all the doubts. He elevated hip-hop culture to a stratosphere that it would have never reached if it was black person’s music. He is one of the reasons why we have 50 years of hip-hop coming up. When we were coming up, we always heard that hip-hop would be around for five more years.”

When asked about wanting to release his album under Shady Records, he replied: “Me and Eminem spoke many times but one thing is, we never smoke business. It was always an admiration. I always believed that everything is god’s plan to happen at a right time. If that day ever comes, it’s gonna be dope. If it don’t, I never gonna be mad with him. Just him saying how much he admired me, you don’t know how much doors he opened up for me. He shouted me out and gave me so much love, I’m actually in debt to him. He does not even understand how much he did for me. And I love him for that. I love him forever.”

You can watch the interview below: