Skylar Grey: “Eminem’s praise is the Grammy to me”

In a recent interview on Shade 45, Eminem highly praised his long time collaborator, Skylar Grey’s talent.

I have had the privilege of working around a lot talents. Sometimes when I am working with Dre and I am looking at Dre like you are f**kin Dr. Dre. Skylar is one of them, she is definitely, she has to be, I don’t know how to say this Top 5 of the most talented people I have ever worked with but I have worked with so many talented people but the rate of speed that she works at. A being able to write it and B being able to sing it and to sing it that powerful, she is an amazing talent.” said Eminem

Upon hearing, Skylar responded Eminem on Instagram: “I am extremely humbled by the words mister Mathers speaks in the recent interview he did on Shade 45. Part of me is embarrassed for reposting this because it is such a flex and that is not usually my style! But a bigger part of me wants to scream at the top of my lungs, “I DID IT!” There is no more feeling more fulfilling than for the people you admire most to show you this kind of respect… to me THIS is “making it,” THIS is success in the music industry… and THIS is my Grammy. I do not need any trophies… the Rap God has given me something MUCH more valuable. And I feel so incredibly blessed and grateful.

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