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3 Big Rappers Who Rewrote Their Verses After Hearing Eminem’s Verse




There is a popular saying: “If Eminem is featured in your song, it’s not your song anymore.” Eminem doesn’t care who you are, he will always try to outshine you on your own songs, like he did to Jay Z’ on ‘Renegade’ , 50 Cent on ‘Patiently Waiting’, Drake on ‘Forever’, Yelawolf on ‘Best Friend’ to name a few.

But in this article there are listed three big names in hip-hop who changed their verses after hearing Eminem’s verse but still couldn’t outrap Slim Shady:

1. Busta Rhymes (“Calm Down”)

Busta Rhymes: “No Em, you can’t do it on my own record. So I went back and added more bars.” Listen the interview with Sway In The Morning below:

2. Kanye West (“Forever”) 

Kanye West: When I heard Eminem’s verse on Drake’s sh*t, I went back and rewrote my sh*it for two days. I canceled appointments to rewrite! I f**kin’ care.” Listen to the tape bellow:

3. 50 Cent (“My Life” & upcoming track “Champions”) 

50 Cent: “It’s important because it will turn into a complete Eminem record if you leave him. He is gonna make it his regardless. This is how that verse got longer than usual on ‘My Life’ “. Watch the interview below: