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Eminem narrates new Crypto advertising campaign




Detroit legend Eminem has teamed up with for the company’s latest advertising campaign. The commercial, first shared by Eminem on X (formerly Twitter), has featured his voice narration.

The campaign is set to make a splash during a high-visibility slot this Saturday at the NBA Playoff game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Clippers at the Arena, shared in a statement.

Following the premiere, the ad will continue to feature in a series of high-profile sporting events including additional NBA Playoff games with the Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Kings, the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix running from May 3-5, and the upcoming UFC events where also serves as the Official Fight Kit Partner.

Steven Kalifowitz, Chief Marketing Officer at, underscored the comprehensive nature of the campaign. He stated: “ has become one of the most recognized global brands by partnering with iconic people, places, and events. Our latest brand film builds on this theme and reiterates our deep conviction for our industry and the community building it responsibly.”

This is not Eminem’s first interaction with crypto. His engagement with crypto dates back to at least 2018, when he mentioned Bitcoin in a track on his “Kamikaze” album. The artist also made headlines in 2022 when he purchased a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT for 123.45 ETH, worth around $462,000 at the time of purchase.’s campaign also revives the potent slogan “Fortune favors the brave,” famously voiced by actor Matt Damon in an earlier ad for the company.

In the video, that features Eminem’s uncrowned Recovery anthem “Cinderella Man,” Eminem says: “They ignored your potentials. Dissed your achievements. Mocked your ambition. But it’s not the critic who counts and you know that. From the beginning, you could not be stopped. Breaking resistance with every swing and block. Your game plan never changed. So enjoy this moment, the one that they said you’d never see. Some still call it luck. Let ’em. Cause you know what it’s always been. INEVITABLE.” You can watch the ad below: