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Eminem says he’s 29 in a new Bushman anniversary video




Today, Jonathan “Bushman” Dunnings, who is radio host at iHeartMedia from Detroit, is celebrating 29th anniversary of his The Bushman Show and Eminem has just joined the celebration.

The Bushman shared a video of Eminem wishing him happy anniversary of the show. In the caption, he wrote: “Dear Eminem, I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for being a crucial part of my legacy. I remember when you would be in the lobby of the station when I was coming to work. When you made it, you never forgot me! Much appreciation, #Bushman29”

In the short video clip, Eminem says: “Bushy, what’s up! Happy 29th anniversary bro. That’s crazy. I’m 29 too. Yo man, just wanted to say congrats bro. Happy anniversary man. Salute.”

The Bushman is a Radio personality, Actor, DJ, iHeart Radio Influencer, and all around Entertainer. He has appeared in movie classics like 8 Mile and reality show like, T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle. Always know that were ever Bushman is at, it’s going to be fun.