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50 Cent

50 Cent reveals how much he was paid per “Power” episode




In a recent interview with Vulture magazine, 50 Cent revealed that when shopping to find a home for the original “Power” TV series, a lot of the heavy-hitter companies such as HBO, Hulu, Paramount, and Showtime were not interested in the project.

“We went to all these organizations in the early stages. They probably had something else they felt was similar, or it wasn’t what they was looking for. I’m sure now they wish they didn’t pass on it.” Fiddy explained.

What’s more, when STARZ decided to take a chance on the show, the network saw proof it had made the right decision when “Power” became its biggest show, accomplishing record-breaking feats. Yet, despite the show’s success, 50 Cent said that things would get tricky when the time rolled around to renegotiate his contract.

For him, the amount that he was receiving per show did not properly reflect the time, effort, and energy put into the series. In fact, 50 Cent says the lowball payment would not have flown in the music industry.

“There’s no one that could come and tell me to take $17,000 to act and executive produce and make music. I gave them the theme song for ‘Power.’ I gave them the things that connected, hopefully, in a different way for it. You see what I’m saying? All those things for $17,000 per episode? I get paid more to go to the nightclub and wave.” – 50 Cent