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50 Cent

New Music Video: Eladio Carrión – “Si Salimos” ft. 50 Cent




Eladio Carrión, an American rapper and singer of Latin trap and reggaeton, has now released another catchy new song and music video, titled “Si Salimos” featuring 50 Cent.

The song “Si Salimos” is from his most recent album, “3MEN2 KBRN,” which has over 18 other standout tracks. Additionally, this eye-catching blockbuster has an incredible beat that will keep you fascinated for a while.

This marks first song of 50 Cent since last year’s “Is This Love” song with Eminem, produced by Dr. Dre, Trevor Lawrence Jr. and Mark Batson. The song is an unreleased track from 2009, most likely recorded for Relapse: Refill or Relapse 2 album, yet was kept in the vault due to the negative reviews from critics. This track is one of two recorded by the duo in 2009, with the other, “Psycho”, being put on 50’s Before I Self Destruct project.

Like “Jimmy, Brian and Mike,” the track contains re-recorded vocals by both Eminem and 50 Cent and it is included in the greatest hits album “Curtain Call 2.”

You can watch the music video of “Si Salimos” below: