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Darts player Nathan Aspinall wants dinner with Eminem




In the most recent episode of the Sky Sports Love the Darts podcast, Emma Paton asks Nathan Aspinall who would be at his ideal dinner party.

After a brief moment of intense consideration and a quick debate about whether or not to pick the three members of N’Dubz, Aspinall reveals his selections.

Eminem, Ronaldo,” Aspinall starts before Dan Dawson quips in, asking “which Ronaldo?” “Cristiano,” Aspinall continues much to Dawson’s disgust. “Wrong one,” he concludes.

“And David Beckham,” Aspinall continues, ignoring Dawson’s comments. “None of them would even know what darts is and they’d probably be boring as hell.”

“They’re like my three. The three that I’ve grown up with and three people I love,” explains the Asp. “They’d be pretty boring wouldn’t they,” he concludes with a laugh.

You can watch the episode below: