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Killer Mike talks getting flowers from Eminem & Kendrick Lamar




Run The Jewel’s Killer Mike hops on the BTM Podcast to talk about his upcoming album, getting his flowers from rappers like Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne and Eminem and what the Atlanta Falcons need for a successful NFL season this year!

“It is a defensive juggernaut saying that he’s amongst us. It means a lot. He’s lyrically, from a pugilist standpoint, he’s one of the greatest fighters that ever lived.” Killer Mike said on getting compliment from Kendrick Lamar.

Then he continues: “Kendrick has said that. Lil Wayne has said that. Eminem has said that. Outkast have said that. I don’t have nothing to prove to you as much as this is proving to myself. No criticism you give me outweighs Scarface telling me you are one of the greatest. No criticism you give me outweighs Ice Cube saying you are consistent. If I can’t be a GOAT that’s fine because I always prefer being a wolf and I’m coming for every GOAT’s throat. That’s the goal for me.”

You can watch the interview below: