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Snoop Dogg shares new Jay-Z and Eminem picture with GOAT emojis




It’s good to see Snoop Dogg and Eminem showing mutual respect again!

In a recent interview with Sway, Eminem talked about his current relationship with Snoop: “It’s great that he made himself to be this relevant to this day. It’s incredible. That’s crazy. Me and Snoop are good. We talked months ago about the whole thing. We just set down and realized nobody wants beef within their own camp.”

After the Super Bowl performance, Eminem in “Doggystyle” hoodie took a picture with Jay-Z, which was shared by Snoop Dogg on his Instagram with GOAT emojis in the caption.

You can check the post below:


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Also, be on the lookout for “From Detroit to the LBC” !