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Watch: 50 Cent & Drew Barrymore send video message to Eminem




50 Cent has recently set down with Drew Barrymore to talk about how he built a franchise at STARZ with five different shows, and what his new show Black Mafia Family is about! The two also record a video message for Eminem.

“You actually directed the 7th Episode, who happens to have someone in it, Marshall Mathers. Eminem, yeah?! I heard you he just text you random texts throughout the day. Can I ask what a sad ‘random Marshall Mathers text’ is? Should we text him right now?” said Drew.

50 Cent agreed and both started recording a video message for Eminem with Drew saying: “Hi Marshall. We just felt compelled to text you. And because we found out you texting Curtis random messages, we thought we would send you one.” Then Fifty adds: “Yeah, we are on live TV. This big dog stuff going on here. I’m sending you videos of really hot, attractive women in them and you need to send me something back. I’d like to see video in return.”

“Oh my God, we love you Eminem!” added Drew.

You can watch the video below: