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King Los says Benzino beat Eminem, defends Benzino for using ghostwriters




King Los has recently done an Instagram live interview with Threeletterman3 where the two talked about Eminem and Benzino beef. During the conversation, King Los, who is one of the most respected lyricist in the game, said that Benzino beat Eminem with a ‘mid diss record’ and defended him for using ghostwriter. Later in the interview, King Los also showed some love to Em.

“Nah, I didn’t write it cause if I would have wrote for Benzino that s–t would have been even more evil. That s–t would have been even crazier. I think, to be honest with you, just from knowing Zino, I think Zino wrote that s–t bro. I’ve been known Benzino for a minute. I think he wrote that s–t by himself cause Zino has always been a hip-hop ni–a. Zino has something to say for a long time.” said King Los.

Then he continued: “I think maybe at one point, Zino had to sit down with some people because when it gets technical, it turns into a war. It makes sense because you going against the giant like Eminem. Benzino fell upon some hard times. He went through some s–t. He’s not at the height of his height. He’s in the mud. So, he’s like ‘yo, I’m ready to slay the giant.’ It’s David and Goliath right now. He’s like ‘I gotta fight the hardest that I’ve ever fought right now.'”

“In battle rap and in hip-hop, 100% of everything that was determined or considered to be a victory was not always written solely by the proprietor or the person that delivered it. In the battle rap culture, you might have chicks, you might got ni–as and they might have sat down and had some bars and then they went over the homies and helped him framework and put it together. That happens in battle rap all the time. In hip-hop, on diss tracks, there’s been motherf–kers helping ni–as. Sometimes, ni–as make contributions bro to those big moments. Maybe 20% of the music industry writes their own s–t. I don’t think it demerits Benzino if he had help against Eminem. If you come out on top and you win, that’s all that matters in the end.”

“I know Benzino in person right? He ain’t cheat cause he ain’t called me. I’m probably the most lyrical ni–a that most people know so imagine Zino got some help and he ain’t called me! He could say ‘yo, Los! This ni–a Eminem just hit me with a motherf…’ Benzino can take a victory lap cause you know why? because the culture has already determined that what he presented was better than what Em presented. It does not matter if he had a help because the weight class is not even. The only reason we marveling in it because it’s David and Goliath. Keep it real. Ni–a, Eminem is…Bro! Who ever survives Eminem?! The reason why Zino could take a victory lap is because he really beat Em with some mid s–t. Let’s keep it real. If he’d came out with some technical rap we’d be like ‘nah, ni–a, nah, stop.’ He beat him with something that was in his pocket. It was such a basic hip-hop. Punchline setup. It was very basic but Benzino beat Eminem with the cultural aspects of what he was saying. He didn’t beat him with technical ability. Benzino said things that mattered more. I think Benzino went personal and Eminem kind of went technical. That giraffe line was horrible.”

“[Is Eminem battle tested?] Hell yeah. First and foremost, because him getting his pen to a level where ni–as were feared of him. Eminem was feared! Like ni–as know, yo, you don’t wanna play with that white boy. He’s different. He was not born like that so how did he get to that? All them freestyles, joints he used to do and all that s–t. That built him. Eminem is battle tested because he’s a white boy who is simulated to a black dominated culture and genre and he got to the top of it. That’s the real battle! To become someone who is revered in hip-hop space for lyricism, you have to be battle tested because how the f–k did you get there. Eminem 1000% is battle tested bro. He’s one of them boys. He proved that bro. What I say about Em is, he survived Canibuses, his era was rap ni–as! He survived a lot of prominent hip-hop rap ni–as and his lyrics and everything was held on the pedestal and that makes him battle tested. AND, as a white boy, that makes him super battle tested and he rapped around Royce, Buddens and all them ni–as. When I talk to Royce, Royce be like ‘yo, you know how hard it was every day to come in the studio and tryna outrap Joell, f–king Crook?’ Now think about this white boy Eminem. Always staying in the prominent space at the top around all these giants. That alone gives you an accolade to be a battle tested.”

“Eminem was like bible at a certain point. When he dropped some s–t, I don’t care if it was a technical aspect or his subject matter or the shock value of what he would say out of his mouth but you gotta listen. When he sang that s–t ‘I’m sorry mama, I never meant to hurt you, never meant to make you cry but tonight I’m cleanin’ out my closet’ bro, that’s forever! When he talked about certain things like killing his mama and girlfriend, that more assimilates with Europeans. Us, we came in a struggle we would never even think about killing our moms or putting it in a songs. I don’t believe there is any limits in art so I respect his art because my favorite song is ‘Just The Two Of Us.’ In that song, he does…his baby mama but he did it in such a creative way that all I could understand was ‘oh man, he just going through with that girl’ and I felt him. So, what I’m saying is, when you have the ears of people you gotta say something that they feel. That’s all I’m saying.” King Los added.

You can watch the entire stream below: