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Rockwilder & Benzino get into heated argument over Eminem being one of the GOATs




Yesterday, Wack 100 and the crew did The Slim Shady LP listening party on Clubhouse where they discussed why Eminem is one of the greatest rappers of all time.

At one point, Benzino joined the discussion and this is where things got heated between him and Rockwilder, who genuinely thought Eminem deservers to be called one of the GOATs.

When Rock Wilder asked the audience if there ever be another Eminem, Benzino was quick to reply:

No, never! You know why?! Because ni**as ain’t let that happen no more.” and this is where the heavy arguing started.

“Ni**as let this man come in and basically change the history of hip-hop. You all grand grand grand kids are gonna be looking like a white man was the greatest in hip-hop.” says Benzino.

You can watch the full thing below: