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NoLifeShaq interviews Tom MacDonald about “Dear Slim” song




After dropping “Dear Slim” video, Tom MacDonald was interviewed by NoLifeShaq. You can check out the conversation below.

“I have never been so scared to write a song in my life. When you start rapping because of Eminem and then the way the universe work and all of a sudden I got an Eminem beat in my hands, I swear to god… When I get a beat that motivates me to write, I write that shit right away. And I sat with this beat in my phone for a week before I started writing, I was like ‘Nah bro’.” – said Tom.

When he was asked about people thinking that he would diss Eminem, the Canadian rapper responded: “I let everybody think that all week. It was like, I was just saying Em’s name and doing my promo as an independent artist and I knew where everybody will take that sh*t.”

The music video also featured the same car Stan was driving in Eminem’s song. “It is not the one from Eminem’s video but it is the same model. I did some research and found out what Stan was driving. I copped the whip from a junkyard, It was black, I painted the whole thing in the same color as Stan’s car, I went all out.”

You can watch the full interview below: