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Benzino says he still listens to Eminem’s “Nail In The Coffin”




Benzino has recently sat down with Math Hoffa and the rest of the crew on the latest episode of My Expert Opinion where they talked about Eminem.

“Eminem got some cool songs. I like them. There is bunch of s–t that I don’t like that’s every artist. I like “Stan,” “Lose Yourself,” “Nail In The Coffin,” I like it. I’m listening to it. I do. I liked it. I did. Beat was dope and he killed that s–t.” said Benzino.

Then he continued: “My thing is, he deserved, like anybody deserved, every piece of success he got. He earned it. It’s just…When I was at The Source, I was at the top. I didn’t have to answer nobody. So, I felt like my message would get across.”

“Eminem’s disses , I’m keeping it real, none of his s–t really affected me because while he was discrediting me as a street ni–a, I know I’m street ni–ga. I know the s–t I’ve done. Ni–as in the street know so that didn’t bother me. So that’s why I never looked at it like ‘he ended your career’ or ‘he killed you.’ If he hit me with Nas’ “Ether,” I would probably moved out of the country. If Em had different beats on diss records against me, I think it would have way greater affect but anything Em can do, people go like ‘OH MY GOD!'” Benzino added.

Then Zino talks about his daughter Coi Leray talking about Eminem on My Expert Opinion. You can watch the full thing below: