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The Game claims no one plays Eminem’s music in clubs, streets & locker rooms




The Game has recently sat down with SHOWTIME Basketball on episode 137 of ALL THE SMOKE. During the interview, The Game opens up to Matt & Stak about his music career, fatherhood, his love of basketball, and his upcoming album “Drillmatic”. Plus, he discusses his relationships with Dr. Dre, Eminem, Kayne West, Kobe Bryant and more.

“Eminem is an outstanding lyricist. Now you put him with Dr. Dre who is from N.W.A. You put him under the machine, Interscope, the biggest label in the world and they tell you this white guy is next. So we were told that Eminem was the greatest and by the way he’s white and that played huge part in his success because you could get white America so you are super solid as far as album sales and he was with Dr. Dre so he got ni**as too.”

“So when I’m saying that I want a battle with Eminem or Eminem is not the greatest rapper and I’m better than him, it is not like when I see Eminem I’mma drown this ni**a or I’mma beat this ni**a. I’m supposed to think that I’m better than every single rapper, else why would I do this s**t at all?”

“When have you ever heard Eminem song playing in the club? When have you ever heard his s**t in a locker room? I don’t hear Eminem in the streets. It’s not like he can’t rap. The skillset is there but I’m just a better rapper. I just have not been given the light that he has been given. They didn’t put money behind me. I could not pushed to Eminem heights, 50 Cent got pushed to those heights because he played nice. Eminem and him are very close. Ni**as didn’t even know Eminem was not going to do Super Bowl if 50 would not be on it.” said The Game.

You can watch the interview below: