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Westside Boogie reveals unusual thing Eminem was doing during pandemic




Westside Boogie has recently sat down with No Jumper for an interview where the Shady Records artist revealed an untold pandemic story about Eminem.

“Eminem told me a story, I probably should not be saying that story, he told me a story how he was riding a bike around his old neighborhood recently, he go by himself, with no security, with the mask on and he was just riding around his neighborhood. He tripped over like curb or something. Random Eminem story, he probably get mad at me but I want to expose him: HE FELL OVER THE CURB OFF HIS BIKE.”

“Sometimes I feel like he’s trapped celebrity. He that huge. He can’t go nowhere…We are artists, he is just like me. I don’t like being around people. I think if me and Eminem sit in a room for two hours and nobody else, there’s probably be no words. I’m gonna be sitting like ‘alright,” he probably be sitting ‘alright.’ He will try to rap somewhere, I will rap somewhere.” said Boogie

You can watch the interview below: