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Canibus talks about Eminem and Nas on Instagram livestream




In one of his recent Instagram livestream, one of the greatest underground rappers, Canibus, talked about Eminem and Nas.

“Shout out to Escobar, everytime we met he had positive words and vibes. He gave me the words of encouragement. I will never forget that. This was early in the game. Definitely sending shout out to Nas.” said Canibus.

Then he continued talking about Eminem: “Marshall, sending shout out to Marshall too. If I could say a name to Marshall to disarm any kind of nonsense that people in the game or not in the game, people who like to start fire, the name I would say is Wendy Day. She was the glue. He was the cohesive, she was what I would call force multiplier in terms of unit cohesion. She was always trying to bring people together. Everybody knows who she is. Amazing person. Shout out to Wendy Day wherever you at. Hip-Hop would have been way different without you. So, Marshall, that’s the name I could say to let you know that that’s a wall that noone else can get behind. That’s a firewall right there. Nobody knows what Wendy Day said to you about me and what she said to me about you. So when you think anything Marshall, just think about WENDY nice little face.”

Couple of months ago, it was also reported that Canibus is releasing a song with Eminem, produced by Dr. Dre as an NFT.

You can watch the video below: