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Joyner Lucas says he didn’t diss Machine Gun Kelly, it was Russian hacker who did



Yesterday, In a series of tweets, Joyner Lucas called out the Lollapalooza festival after his name was listed on the official flyer in a small font.

Joyner Lucas also went on to declare himself the “biggest independent artist” after Tech N9ne and took a shot at one of the main headliners, Machine Gun Kelly, who is listed at the top of the flyer in the largest font.

“You got this goofy a** ni**a headlining? Smh how sway?” said Joyner in one tweet, while sharing MGK’s picture.

“What my brother Marshall did this ni**a is light compared to what’s waiting if he wanna walk down that street with me. Ain’t nobody worried about a ni**a who paints his nails.” said Joyner in another tweet.


It turns out Joyner Lucas’ twitter was hacked. Few hours ago, he removed all the tweets and said: “Them Damn Russian hackers dun hacked my phone yesterday smh”

Check the tweet below: