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Cordae calls Eminem one of his biggest influences, talks how “Parables” remix came together




Cordae has recently released a new album From A Bird’s Eye View which included a song “Parables” (Remix), featuring Eminem.

To promote his new project, Cordae visited Nessa’s show where he talked about the album and having multiple conversations with Eminem:

“Eminem did an interview [with Kxng Crooked] and he was really like ‘I really rock with Cordae, he is one of my favorite new artists.’ To summarize what he said. He basically gave me a lot of love and the fact that he knows who I am and likes my music that I put out, that was already enough for me. He reached out to put me on “Killer Remix” [with Jack Harlow] and I was like ‘yo I am gonna send you something as well.’ We had a phone conversation. We talked for like an hour and a half. It was a really dope conversation. We were just talking about Hip-Hop and everything. It was a great conversation and he was like ‘yo we got to work too you know, If you need something… We did not talk about music until like the very end and he was like yo whatever you need from me I got you, we definitely gotta get in some work so It was very dope.”

“Eminem is like the biggest, in terms of pure sales and success, like he is the biggest rap artist of all time. Straight up. And other than sales and success commercially and all these other things he is like one of my early influences in music. Those first two albums man [The Slim Shady LP and The Marshall Mathers LP], like every artist that raps with some sort of dexterity or lyricism, takes notes from those first two albums, I guarantee. So it’s definitely blessing have him on there for sure.” said Cordae.

“Matter of fact, I just text him, I sent him a voicemail like I appreciate you, bro.” – He added

Watch the interview below: