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Jack Harlow says today’s Eminem is underrated, calls him iconic




In this episode of Pitchfork’s Overrated/Underrated, Jack Harlow rates TikTok dances, John Calipari, Nirvana, Eminem, The Irishman, Los Angeles and much more. At one point, when the Eminem question came, here is what he replied:

“These days, Eminem is underrated. He catches lots of slander from the new generation. I think they do not have the context of what it was. He is truly an icon.”

“When I was 9 to 13 years old, that’s really who I wanted to be. I used to watch 8 Mile and I watched the scene of him in the warehouse, those freestyles and lyrics… I love Eminem and I do not like the new slander. I do not like this new wave that slanders him.” said the Shelbyville, Kentucky-born rapper.

You can watch the video below: