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WATCH: Conway found out DMX passing in a live interview




Conway The Machine has recently hit The Bootleg Kev Podcast for an interview where the Buffalo rapper talked about not being in everyone’s top 5 list, his recent album being a ‘layover’ until his Shady Records project, people protesting just to take an Instagram photo, and his live reaction to hearing the news of DMX’s passing.

“That s**t f**ked up, man. That ni**a DMX is a legend, man. I always thought nobody could f**k with X. No cap. If face to face, X pulls up on you you are not f**king with X. Rest in peace Dark Man X, man. We just did a joint for his new album. I didn’t have chance to meet him.” – said Conway.

You can watch the interview below:

For the full interview, hit the play below: