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Aries Spears says its easy to imitate Future but Eminem is unique




Stand-up comedian, impressionist and actor Aries Spears has recently sat down with DJ VLAD where he briefly talked about current state of hip-hop.

“Who else sounded like Q-Tip? Everybody sounds like Future. Everybody from this era! Future sounds little like…there’s some similarities with Migos. Eminem didn’t create the style that all of a sudden everybody went like ‘we doing that,’ Jay-Z didn’t create the style that everybody went ‘we doing that.’ Snoop didn’t do that. Biggie didn’t do that. Mobb Deep didn’t do that. Everybody had their own s–t.” Aries Spears said.

“Now, yes, certain things might have sounded the same in terms of regional. East Coast ni–as have a certain sound but there still was individuality in the delivery and cadence.” he added.

You can watch the interview below: