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Dr. Dre

The Game regrets comments he made about Dr. Dre, calls Eminem one of the greatest




The Game wishes he had handled a not-so-nice remarks he made about Dr. Dre in a 2022 interview differently, but he still stands by what he said.

The initial comment arrived during an appearance on Drink Champs while discussing Kanye West, who at the time had just teamed up with The Game for his single titled “Eazy” – which netted the latter his highest-charting Billboard Hot 100 song in nearly 15 years. “It’s crazy that Ye did more for me in the last two weeks than Dr. Dre did for me my whole career,” he told N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN.

During a recent interview with Amazon Music, The Game admitted he was a bit drunk when he said that and that he should have been more grateful that Dre did anything for him at all.

“So basically I was hollering at N.O.R.E. and them a little inebriated and I said some things that I meant. I’m not gon’ take it back – I ain’t no sucker. But having Dre do anything for your project, anything in your career, touch any part of anything you’re doing in life is such a blessing that I shall not ever s–t on that again.” said The Game

Then he continued: “And I haven’t talked to Dre since. And it don’t really matter if we talk again in life. Like, I’m a standup Compton, L.A. ni–a and it is what it is. I said what I said, I’m not going back on it. It’s just that I should have actually gave him more grace for what he did do and that was actually mentoring me and doing things that nobody could have done for me in my career.”

“When I was talking on there, I was speaking in terms of what Ye was doing right at that moment which was life-changing for me in that moment last year. And then I based it on Dre’s lack thereof because I took the business part personal and I should have left it business. But Dre is Dre, bro. We all know what Dr. Dre do.” The Game added.

From there The Game talks about his beef with 50 Cent and G-Unit: “What was the center of frustration? I felt like… Dre found Eminem and let him flourish to be one of the greatest rappers of all time. Eminem found 50 and brought him to Dre and let that ni–a go ten times platinum and be the greatest ni–a that he could be. When it came to G-Unit, I felt like 50 was trying to suppress us and keep us like soldiers when I was never a soldier. I didn’t put myself in the group. I did not ask to be in a group. I’m thankful for the opportunity. Jimmy Iovine would always say some s–t like ‘Why’d you guys have to go and break up The Beatles, you are the Black Beatles!’ At 24-25 years old I was not thinking about that. I was just thinking I wanted that ni–a to die. Because what he was trying to do to me, we had just did to Murder Inc. So I was like ‘I’m not about to get Ja Rule.’ At that time, we were just young.”

Then he continues: “I hollered at 50 in LA one time in the club. We were on my side and we exchanged few words, nothing violent or anything like that. We both could not figure out where the young us went wrong. 50 is a real d–khead. He get back to New York, a little time passed and for some reason he want to bring me up and say some s–t. You know 50, he’s a troll. At the end of the day, the older 50 and 50 now, he’s like a teddy bear. He cool. We good. Ain’t no drama. I ain’t gonna see 50 and whoop his a– at 40 years old. Ni–a got a star on Hollywood Walk Of Fame. I ain’t gonna blood walk on it or nothing like that. That’s not bad idea [laughs]. But we ain’t trying to go viral for that. We were just young and disconnected. A lot of money involved. A lot of ego and just youth. Biggie and Pac didn’t make out of that. They didn’t get to have another sit down. They both died in that. Me and 50 had shootouts and it could have ended the same way but by the grace of god he’s alive and I’m alive. And we are here today.”

You can watch the interview below: