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Skillababy explains the disconnect between Eminem & young Detroit rappers




Detroit rapper who goes by the name Skillababy has recently sat down with Bootleg Kev for an interview where he briefly talked about Eminem.

“I’ve never seen Eminem. I do wanna do some music with Eminem. I never seen Eminem but I know he’s big for our culture. Everything he did…And I think the disconnect between and a lot of artists from Detroit now is that he’s not a street guy. He’s disconnected from the streets because he’s not in the streets and he does not owe anybody anything. When it comes to Trick Trick, Royce and all of them, that was his era, he helped his artists.” said Skillababy

Then he continued: “Everybody wants to be a successful so bad but you gotta understand that Eminem would not even sound right on a lot of songs from Detroit. If you put Eminem some of these new sound records, it’ll suck. I’m just being real. Because a lot of people do not have lyrical content from Detroit. We are more of a vibe and I feel like the flow would not even match. When it comes to putting the record together. I don’t think nobody wants to hear that at all.”

“If I do a record with Eminem, I had to sit there and write for like a week. And then give my flow and be like ‘Em, I got this for you.” he added.

You can watch the interview below: