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Eminem is featured on LL Cool J’s new album




It has been a decade since the iconic rapper LL Cool J dropped his last full-length project, titled “Authentic” back in 2013, and for the past few years, the Bay Shore, New York-born legend has been teasing the release of a new material.

Couple of months ago, LL vented his frustrations on Twitter, writing that his next project is not “worthy of being released.” As it turns out, it was a marketing trick. In the deleted tweets, Cool J said he was “really trying” to figure it out but he’s “not feeling like this album is worthy of being released.” He did leave one tweet up where he simply states he’s “not dropping it.” But later he posted a video on Instagram, explaining how he trick the hip-hop world: “Everybody’s been asking me about the new record and my decision. And, I was considering putting this record out because IT’S TOO F–KING GOOD! Q-Tip, you are genius baby. Yo, that’s my favorite album I ever made. I can’t wat for you all to hear this. Date and tracklist coming soon!”

Earlier this month, during an interview with E! News, LL spoke highly about his new album: “I know all the tricks. I got this covered. I think honestly and sincerely that Q-Tip as a producer is unbelievable and what he did on this record for me, I think is amazing. So the world will decide. The album, I think, is really, really special. I think it’s something it’s modern without chasing. It’s a whole new thing. I can’t wait for the people to see it.”

Eminem has named LL as his biggest influence numerous times. The two have recently performed at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony. LL and Slim Shady also have a song in vault that has never seen the light of the day. In 2014, LL spoke highly about the track: “Me and Em, we have a song, he just recently let me listen to his verse and it is just crazy, he is chainsaw and s**t. It is good! I think people will be pleasantly surprised when they hear me and him rapping together. It is the first time we did something together and shout out to Em and Rosenberg and to his whole crew, staff, everybody… This is a record that I think people gonna be excited… What I did with Em is super HOT!”

Yesterday, 93.5 KDay radio scheduled an interview on their official YouTube channel but it was not aired for some reasons. In the description of the video, we read:

“Legendary east coast hip-hop legend LL Cool J dropped by 93.5 KAY to promote his upcoming return to big arenas with the F.O.R.C.E. Live, celebrating 50 years of hip-hop with special guests across various cities. LL Cool J talked about the importance of humility, getting in shape for the upcoming tour and teased album features like Rick Ross, Nas, Fat Joe, Saweetie and Eminem. The hip-hop icon revealed talking young artists under his wing through Instagram DMs to pass the baton to newer generations and and keep the culture alive and gave his thoughts on new A.I. technology emerging in the music industry.”

Check out the screenshot below:


Image Via: @bladestylez02