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Kurupt says race doesn’t matter in Eminem being successful, brings Snoop Dogg as an example




Kurupt has recently sat down on The Art Of Dialogue where the hip-hop icon responded to Melle Mel saying Eminem would be just another rapper if he was black and he is in top 5 just because he’s white.

“Eminem was serving emcees. That’s an MC to me! He paid his dues, serving people in the cold, freezing… just chopping people’s heads off. Bodies can’t be found cause the snow’s too high off the ground. He got so many bodies throughout Detroit that’s never been seen. There ain’t no way to judge this man because his time decided to send him on a different journey when he came out professionally. Through that journey he showed us his skills on the mic. And its all in the name of hip-hop. So, that’s all that matters. It shows the diversity of hip-hop. We are one culture but we are all nationalities, we are all races, we are everywhere.” says Kurupt

Then he continues: “It’s people like Eminem that kept hip-hop alive. That’s just real. The diversity of it. He made whole different race and generation feel that they can do it too. And we got good ones, great ones from all race. I appreciate what Melle Mel has done. I respect his opinion but our generation, we don’t agree.”

“I know Eminem is great on the mic and people love him. And Snoop Dogg is black and he’s successful like Eminem. So I don’t know, if they like you, they like you, if they don’t like you they don’t like you. That’s why our generation really can’t agree because Snoop did it and he’s black, Eminem did it and he’s white. But everybody has their opinion.” he added.

You can watch the interview below: