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Criminal defendant requests Eminem to be his lawyer




Welcome to a legal case that will leave Stans scratching their heads. In this captivating video, Law Talk With Mike delves into the unusual and fascinating story of a criminal defendant who is requesting none other than Eminem as his counsel. Yes, you heard that right – the iconic Detroit rapper is being sought after as a legal representative.

I would like you to understand that I know what false identities are and sometimes famous people need them. Marshall Bruce Mathers Eminem at one point studied law and passed the bar exam to become a lawyer. If he’s still a lawyer, I want you to get a hold of him for me so that I can communicate with him and actually talk to him.” he said during the previous hearing.

But that’s not all that makes this case so intriguing. This is the defendant’s second appearance, and while he seems to have improved from his first appearance, his competency is still in question. On top of that, he has undergone a significant change in demeanor, which has left many people wondering what exactly is going on.

If you were not able to contact Eminem, I’ll just represent myself. I would rather represent myself anyways as opposed Marshall Mathers represent me if he is indeed that way.” says the criminal defendant.

One of the YouTube users commented: “Mike, Eminem (Marshall Matthers) is one of our Michigan home boys. He still lives there and gives back to the community. He dropped out of school at 17 after failing the 9th grade 3 times. He did get his GED later. He never studied law. He has tested on the autism spectrum. I’m not much into rap but I do like Eminem’s music.

Another replied: “What if it’s all true? I imagine Eminem sitting on his couch watching LTWM and seeing his good friend is in jail. Screaming at the screen “get a lawyer so they can call me!” , then running to the phone to contact his people so they can start the bail process. Then on the next update Eminem is standing behind him and a team of lawyers in court. Or he’s just crazy.

Another said: “Mike you’re a lawyer! You should be able to get in contact with Eminem’s representation!! We need a reaction video!!!

Ironically, in the song “Alfred’s Theme,” from Music To Be Murdered By album, Eminem raps: “I’m so far past the bar, I should practice law.

You can watch the video below: