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Bleu Davinci says he tried to sign Eminem before Dr. Dre deal




Bleu Davinci has recently sat down with Cam Capone News where Los Angeles, California rapper revealed that he was trying to get Eminem signed before his mega Dr. Dre deal.

“I brought Slim Shady tape to my mama. Anybody asked Jewish man Andrew Shaq, I brought that Eminem tape before Dr. Dre signed him. Me and Rass Kass finna go to New York and just came from Maritime Hall in the bay and I just watched Eminem performing for the first time. Blew my f–king mind.” – said Bleu Davinci.

Then he continues: “I took that tape back and took it straight to the head of AR Andrew Shaq. He was the ni–a who signed ni–as. He was just doing Rhyme Or Reason soundtracks. He was in the middle of making Rhyme Or Reason soundtrack when I brought him Eminem tape. You all look up the dates ni–a. See if the album Rhyme Or Reason came out the same year that Eminem got signed!”

“We were going to New York for three months. 90 days. And by the time we got back that ni–a Andrew Shaq called me to his office and he was like ‘you motherf–er, Dr. Dre just signed that kid and that tape is still in my deck you left here before you all went on the road. Dr. Dre signed him, why didn’t you tell me?!’ I said ‘I did tell you mothef–ker. He’s the hardest motherf–kin’ white boy I’ve ever seen rapping in my life that’s why I brought it in here.’ But I was 16. They were not respecting my gangster status. I was a kid. ‘This guy bring here a demo tape, get the f–k out of here. I’m doing big business. F–k outta here little 16-year old.’ That’s how they looked at me.” – Davinci added.

You can watch the interview below: