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Lord Jamar reveals why he didn’t respond Eminem’s “Fall” diss




Brand Nubian’s Lord Jamar has recently appeared on MRecktv’s “Backstories” podcast where he talked about Eminem and Royce 5’9″.

“Royce came on my show. Matter of fact, shout out to Royce. He just hit my out of the blue last week and he was like ‘hey, peace, I’m just checking on brother.’ I was like ‘man, I appreciate you. Thank you’. We gotta do another live. He was like ‘whenever you are ready.’ I was like ‘peace.’ I felt good about that too. That was nice. Out of f–king nowhere. Little s–t that you can do in people’s lives that doesn’t cost money, where you can really bring light to somebody’s day and that was it. Shout out to Royce. So, yes, we did rectify.” said Lord Jamar.

Then he continues: “Eminem is his hommie. What I said was not about Eminem. It’s more about what Kanye is saying right now. This is just about… us as black people, who are the creators of the hip-hop, this is about us deciding who is who and what is what. That’s all it ever was about. It was never about any hatred towards Eminem. Don’t know him personally. It was just about saying ‘you all can’t tall me who the king of hip-hop is based on whatever criteria you say.’ We as black people decide who is the king. And it might not be based on how many records they sold. That’s it. But then you get all the kick back, you know, people wanna backtalk me, and then I had to say s–t like ‘well, if you keep it real, no shade, we was not even listening to Eminem like that. I don’t wanna get back in this cause this will sound controversial but I’m just saying he didn’t have same impact on our culture than others. So, how you gonna call him a king? I don’t care how many records he sells. That’s it. Nothing against him.”

“There was never beef on my side and he made a song and all that. He hit me on the verse but it was nothing. It was like, it almost proved my point! NO, I didn’t respond. You know why? It was not like Drake hit Meek Mill. He said ‘you just got bodied by RnB ni–a.’ That’s done in our world. They played that in the clubs! Meek Mill had to go into the club and hear that! You think I went one club? one cook-out? Anywhere where they played that diss song? Do you think I had to hear that anywhere? And be like, ‘oh s–t, let me get outta here, they playing that song.’ NO! That never happened. Proving exactly what I was saying. I never even felt the sting cause there was no sting to feel. ‘Buhuhuuhhu, go fix the remote.’ That’s not even worth of response. No matter what I did. I could say the illest s–t and all his fans would say he is the illest ni–a. So it would not even matter.” – Lord Jamar added.

As you might already know, after continuously discrediting Eminem in the interviews, Slim Shady responded Lord Jamar in a song “Fall” from Kamikaze where he raps: “And far as Lord Jamar, you better leave me the hell alone / Or I’ll show you an Elvis clone / Walk up in this house you own / Thrust my pelvic bone / Use your telephone, then go fetch me the remote / Put my feet up and just make myself at home / I belong here, clown! / Don’t tell me ’bout the culture / I inspire the Hopsins, the Logics, the Coles, the / Seans, the K-Dots, the 5’9″s, and oh / Brought the world 50 Cent, you did squat / Piss and moan, but I’m not gonna fall, b—h!”

Matter of fact, Eminem has recently shouted out Brand Nubian during his acceptance speech at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony, on November 5, 2022 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

You can listen to the new interview below: