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Westside Boogie says he’s ready to go at The Game if Eminem tells him to do so




Westside Boogie has recently sat down on Cruz Show where he talked about his new album “More Black Superheroes,” how therapy has changed his life, he’s thoughts on the Eminem and The Game one-sided beef and much more.

At one point of the interview, J Cruz asked the Compton rapper to share his thoughts about his hometown ‘hero’ beefing with his boss, Eminem.

“I’m always conflicted with that because I’m from Compton. Before I was signed to Eminem, Game gave me a video feature. Amazing look that I needed at that time but I’m also signed to Eminem and he changed my life. There’s is in my corner one of the greatest rappers of all time so yeah, I’m conflicted… I’m pretty sure If Eminem asks me like ‘hey can you get on this song with me?’ to go at Game, I’m pretty sure my loyalty is gonna reside with him and I’m at it.” said Boogie.

“It’s rap. I would go in a rap beef. I’m black man at the end of the day. Game is a black man. I’m not into it, promoting that kind of activity but rap beef, yeah, I’m with it. I would join Eminem to go at The Game.” Boogie added.

Last year, on I-95 freestyle, Boogie reportedly took shots at Game with the following lines: “I’m rapping circles round the legends in my same city / keep it confidential tell that n***a don’t play games with me.”

You can watch the new interview below: