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Danny Garcia reacts on Eminem mentioning him on a new single from “Elivs” movie




This week, Eminem released a new single “The King And I,” featuring CeeLo Green, produced by Dr. Dre from much anticipated “Elvis” movie soundtracks album.

In a song, Eminem references American professional boxer Danny Óscar Garcia with the following lines: “Still goin’ toe-to-toe, I’m still boxing with all my demons  but a couple Xanny bars and I’m Danny Gar–, see ya! (Garcia)

Tattle his demons Eminem uses rap as a medicine to keep him from doing drugs again. After a couple Xanny bars (as in “zany bars”, or crazy rhymes that he comes up with) his demons leave because he is Danny Gar-see ya.

Philadelphia-born rapper jumped on his social media to shows some love to Eminem for the reference. “Legendary Eminem drop my name in his new song. Respect.” he said, with a lots of emojis. He also shared the lyrics of the song on Twitter. Check the posts below:

He also shared a video on Instagram story, saying: “Eminem said my name on a song. The price went up! Price went all the way up!” And in the next one, he put the lyrics over Eminem’s picture with the caption: “Goat talk”

Danny Garcia has previously showed love to Eminem when the Detroit legend released Recovery. Check the tweet below: