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Eminem breaks silence on Rock Hall induction in strangest way possible




All the new new members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame released a ‘thank you’ and ‘grateful’ statements for their inductions but Eminem has left fans well and truly baffled with his response to his induction.

Eminem became a part of an elite hip-hop acts that includes just nine other inductees: Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five, Run-DMC, Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, N.W.A., Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z and LL Cool J.

The Detroit legend was recently praised by the CEO of Rock Hall Greg Harris in an interview with Taryn Daly of Audacy: For a lot of years people asked about hip hop. He is the tenth artist to be sort of categorized that way. But you listen to his music, it is as hard-hitting and straight ahead as any metal song. It is right there. It is a chest punch with a message and with a power and with a rhythm and with a band. We are thrilled he is going in his first year of eligibility, it is a big statement.”

Slim Shady shared a poster of himself in front of the minions that says: “The Minions congratulate Eminem. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2022.” In the caption, Em wrote: “minions got my back. Shout out to Gru and them…”

This is the second time Eminem promotes the new Minions movie and this time, fans spotted a strange nuance. Every minion in the picture is yellow, only one minion that has M (which reads as Em, short form of Eminem) is in green. Some of the fans think its a hint of Eminem’s involvement is Minions movie in some kind of way: a new song for soundtracks album or he might be doing a voice for one of the characters?