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The Game calls out Genius staff for putting out fake “Black Slim Shady” lyrics




The Game has recently appearing on his Instagram live to confirmed that lyrics of “Black Slim Shady,” that surfaced on Genius are fake. In the song, the Compton rapper is supposedly dissing Eminem and as Wack 100 said, the single is around the corner.

In the video, The Game says: “Why I hopped on live for? Oh yeah. I hopped on live to hola at Rap Genius, them ni**as put some lyrics up, talking about it was my lyrics of f**king ‘Black Slim Shady.’ It ain’t my lyrics, I did not write that garbage s**t. Better know, when Game comes, that s**t’d be official.”
“Everything I’m gonna say on that song, I’m gonna stand on my words. Drillmatic! That s**t coming! Album is going to be incredible. I’m not gonna disappoint my fans. I don’t really give a f**k about another rappers’ fandom. I only care about Game fans.” Game added.

You can watch the full livestream from Instagram below:


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Of course we warned our fans that lyrics were fake: