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Skylar Grey on how ‘Last One Standing’ came together, says she still gets star-struck by Eminem




Skylar Grey talks to Graham “GSM” Matthews and “Doc” Chris Mueller about her successful music career, helping Elliott Taylor record Bryan Danielson’s AEW entrance music, her musical role in “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” and how it came about, working with Eminem and more.

“The hook of ‘Last One Standing’ I had like five years. When I write a lot of songs sometimes they don’t find a home and they just sit in a Dropbox folder for years. This is one of those situations but it was just a hook and a track and when we find out Sony Pictures wanted to use it for Venom we decided to put some rappers on it. Polo G and Mozzy where first rappers we got on it. And I have a history of working with Eminem. He did the first Venom movie titled song. So I was like it would make sense to have him on this too because it would pay homage to the original so I hit him up and he agreed to get on it so here we are.”

“I used to say ‘oh I do not get star-struck’ but I was just traying to be too cool. I still get star-struck working with Eminem. I listened to him since I was a kid and I can not believe he has been so supportive. We have done over a dozen songs together and whether he knows it or not he is like my mentor but it is just weird and yeah I am still star-struck by that.” – says Skylar Grey.

Listen to the interview below: