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IDK shouts out Eminem in a new song with Royce 5’9″




IDK has just released the deluxe edition of his USEE4YOURSELF, which includes an extended version of the song titled “Dogs Don’t Lie,” featuring Royce Da 5’9″, produced by Kurtis McKenzie, DJ Dahi, Blue Rondo and IDK himself.

In the song, London-born rapper shouts out Eminem with the following lines: “My wit come from Ye, my swagger a little Jay / My humor from Eminem, this beat like Just Blaze / Get b**ches like I’m Pharrell, am I lying? No, I’m for real.”

Royce also mentions lots of huge names in his verse: “If your blueprint ain’t come from Hov, then you should copy LeBron’s / If you losin’ yourself for gold, then that’s what got you to bronze
Muhammad Ali, Haile Selassie, Gaddafi, Saddam / The Black man is God, not a godd**n mafia don / If you ever meet B.I.G. in Heaven, ni**a, tell him I’m dope.”

You can bump the new track below: