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Dem Jointz talks about working process with Eminem for “MTBMB”




In a new interview with HotNewHipHop, Aftermath producer Dem Jointz opens up about working with Dr. Dre and the working process with Eminem on his latest album, “Music To Be Murdered By”

Interviewer: Before we wrap, I see your name in the credits for Eminem’s latest album. I was curious about what those sessions were like? What was your approach to working with Eminem?

Dem Jointz: It was super dope. We were collaborating in the studio and Eminem came down to LA to be creative with us. They shut it down to where he had his studio in the back and we were working up front. It was super dope because he would hear us bumping something and he would come up behind us like “What was that? Play it again.” He’ll be in his head and then be like “Can you send me that?” and then go back to the room. It’s crazy that he can create something that can make someone double-take like that. It was dope. It was like when we did “Medicine Man” you hear Eminem on your track and it’s like WOW this is crazy! Let me try making this the best thing ever.

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