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Tom MacDonald talks Eminem inspiration: “I wouldn’t be here without him”




Tom MacDonald, who has recently namedropped Eminem on a track “Fake Woke,” did an interview on Before They Were Famous where he talked about Slim Shady influence and how much toxic can Twitter and Eminem fans can sometimes get:

I think that Eminem is such a prolific character in hip-hop, and rightfully so, but his fanbase is just so blinded by fandom. I’ve owned every album Eminem put out with the exception whatever he put out last few years. When I was a kid he was my go-to. I was so much inspired that I would not be here right now without Eminem. But just because Eminem inspired me and he’s the greatest of all time, does not make him immune to criticism. That’s how his fans feel. So just mentioning his name in the song it started a whirlwind of s**ts.” said Tom.

Watch the interview below: